Postal and legal domiciliation


Postal and legal domiciliation

For Clients who do not need an office space, Terrazza Solferino offers a simple mail receipt service or local unit space, through which it is possible to receive mail and/or faxes at our headquarter, with the opportunity to re-forward the incoming mail (at the expense of the Client) according to the directions given by the Client or to anticipate the content of the same correspondence via e-mail before it is picked up. The mail in storage may be picked up at the headquarter Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM.

The cost for this service is €60.00 plus VAT per month; Terrazza Solferino requests its Clients to pay the equivalent of a monthly fee (not subject to VAT) as a security deposit when signing the contract. However, if the Client wishes to pay the yearly fee in a single instalment, Terrazza Solferino, in addition to giving away one monthly fee, does not requires the security deposit.

If the Client wishes to have, in addition to the local mail receipt service, a registered office for its company in Terrazza Solferino, to be communicated to the Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Revenue Agency and such like, the local clearance cost is €80.00 plus VAT per month, with the equivalent of one monthly fee as a security deposit, always without prejudice to the possibility of a yearly fee paid in a single instalment.
For all the services mentioned above, Terrazza Solferino gives the opportunity to have a name plate, to be shown in our board, at the entrance of the building, with your Company name. The cost for such name plate is €80.00 plus VAT for the first year (also including the manufacturing cost of the name plate) and €20.00 plus VAT per year for the following years.

Furthermore, it is possible to have one or more mailboxes available on the domain with forwarding service to another address, recommended by the client.

Clients who avail themselves of the local legal and mail receipt service enjoy facilitations for temporary rental of in-residence offices.

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