By-hour offices


By-hour offices

With its in-residence by-the-hour offices, Terrazza Solferino provides its Clients with a furnished office for any kind of business meeting and/or interview. In this case, the reserved room is equipped with one or two desks (according to everyone’s needs) with directional seat, two/three chairs for guests, ultra-fast cable connection (100 MB), or Wi-Fi, reception and guest-welcoming service available Mondays to Fridays from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM, cleaning service, heating and air conditioning. The indoor pay-as-you-go snack facility, photocopying machine and printer are also available to the Client. To rent an office through this service, you just need to choose among one of the pre-paid packages, better shown below, which can be used without a specific time limit and can be spent according to everyone’s work requirements. A minimum notice of 12 hours is required in order to secure the room.


1) Package for office space – 05 HOURS: €100.00 plus VAT;
2) Package for office space – 10 HOURS: €180.00 plus VAT;
3) Package for office space – 20 HOURS: €300.00 plus VAT;

Note: For rentals exceeding 30 hours, the hourly cost is fixed to €12.00/H plus VAT.

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